10 Fantastic Museums in and around Ironbridge


Blists Hill Victorian Town

Enjoy a fun family day out at this recreated Victorian Town. You can discover more about Victorian life as you meet the 'Victorian' townsfolk. Welcome to the age of Queen Victoria. Here you’ll experience what life was like when Britain ruled the world. Meet some (almost) real Victorians in their authentic shops and cottages, buy curious goods from a bygone era and watch tradespeople in action in their atmospheric workshops and factories. 


Museum of the Gorge

Start your visit absorbed in the detail of a massive model of the river valley, spot landmarks including the Iron Bridge in 1796. Take in stunning views of the Iron Bridge and River Severn from the quirky Lady Chapel and be transported through Ironbridge’s history with a fascinating short film.


The Iron Bridge & Tollhouse

This beautiful monument stands as one of the greatest symbols of where the Industrial Revolution started. Tourists have flocked here since 1779 to marvel at this extraordinary structure that dominates the small town that takes its name. 

In autumn 2017, English Heritage embarked on their largest ever conservation project, preserving the Iron Bridge for the future. The conservation work involved repairing cast iron elements, conserving the masonry, resurfacing the deck, and cleaning the entire structure and repainting in its original red-brown colour. 



Serious just got fun. And vice-versa! Now it’s time to change the way you view things at the awesome Enginuity – see how you can generate electricity using water and turn an original flywheel by hand! Join in one of our great school holiday design & make workshops.


Jackfield Tile Museum

Jackfield was once at the very heart of British tile production and here you can see why. Walk amongst the very best examples in-situ at a recreated pub, tube station, church and more. See stunning friezes, epic story-telling panels and a world-class gallery dedicated to British tiles.

Whilst you are here visit Fusion, home to a number of creative artists. You can visit their studios and purchase their work. Due to the nature of their work, opening times vary, so please contact the artists direct to check details.


Coalport China Museum

You’ll be amazed by the spectacular treasures made in these quirky buildings – from elaborate statuesque vases to hand-painted miniatures, they were made for everyone from wealthy families to Queens and Tsars. See traditional techniques in riverside workshops, dress-up in the Children’s gallery and step inside the atmospheric kilns


Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron

Find out how iron, and particularly Coalbrookdale iron, changed the course of the world. See stunning exhibits, exquisite art castings and functional cookware all made from iron. Discover more about comic book art in our great free exhibition in the Coalbrookdale Gallery - open daily


Darby House

Take the short walk from Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron up the hill to the beautiful Darby Houses, former homes to the Darby family. Rosehill House, built in 1738, and Dale House, built in 1717, sit on the hillside overlooking Coalbrookdale. Wander around Rosehill House as if it’s 1850 and get a glimpse of an Industrialist’s life.


Tar Tunnel

This is one of the Gorge’s more curious tourist attractions – an eerie brick-lined tunnel dug into the hillside. Stand at the entrance to the tunnel and see the treacle-like bitumen oozing through gaps in the walls. Visitors are no longer able to walk down the tunnel. The attraction is open on Wednesdays during the summer as part of the Coalport China Museum site tour and visitors can view the Victorian curiosity from the entrance accompanied by a guide.


Broseley Pipeworks

See inside this curious factory, abandoned by workers in 1957, and get an eerie glimpse into a world and industry that have long since passed. Broseley was the centre of clay tobacco pipe manufacturing and pipes made here were celebrated as being the very best.

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